Wild Ones in Colorado

The Search for Wild Horse Herds in the West

My new quest for finding and photographing as many of the wild horse herds in the American West has begun. I suspect it will take many pleasurable years. There are quite a few herds, and not all of them are accessible.

Some of these herds are direct descendants of the horses originally brought to this continent by the Spanish explorer, Father Kino. Those were isolated for hundreds of years and their blood has not been contaminated by other breeds.These could be accurately termed Spanish Mustangs.

The vast majority are properly called Feral Horses, or BLM Wild Horses. These are a mixture of breeds. Ranchers often would turn some of their better stallions out with a wild band to improve them, then gather and train the offspring for work on their own ranches.

From all reports, when trained, or “gentled” properly, with patience and kindness, these formerly wild ones become great trail mounts, and some go on to do well in many other competitions and shows against purebreds. They are intelligent and can take better care of themselves than our domestic horses.

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