Ravens Eyesight is inspired by a pair of White Throated Ravens who make their home near our home in the desert. They roost in our barn and shred saddle blankets we leave out to dry. Evidence of their thievery was discovered when we spotted pieces of those blankets along with bright orange hay bale strings decorating their nest in a huge Saguaro cactus. Intelligent, raucous, and entertaining, we consider ourselves lucky to be included in their desert community.

I am a portrait, nature and fine art photographer/artist. Exploring the deserts and mountains of the great western United States on horseback and foot with my cameras is my passion. Weather events help drive this passion, as does any chance of finding wild animals to photograph. Horses and our unique western lifestyle, including the individuals who live it, corral it all into my vision.

Like our Ravens, I remain curious, examining my world for new and fascinating elements. Like them, I steal, but only images and memories-with my camera.